Today is like any other Saturday; sleeping in, basketball, farmer’s market, some cleaning, probably video games, Natalie gets here… Wait, what? Natalie is coming?!?!

T-Minus 11 hours until my little sissy arrives!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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half moon bay

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have our friend Adam come visit us for a few days in between his businessman duties in the bay area! On Saturday we ventured over to Half Moon Bay to check it out. The drive was really pretty and the views were incredible. We were slightly disappointed with the downtown and it wasn’t as “cool” as we had hoped, but we also didn’t give it much of a chance.

“The heavens are telling the glory of God; that they are a marvelous display of His craftsmanship.” Psalm 19:1

We were so thankful for the chance to get to spend time with a familiar face! Also, my sister Natalie will be here a week from yesterday, and my sister Rebekah and bro-in-law Charlie have booked their trip for May! Keep ‘em comin’! :)

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skiing post!

As I mentioned, last weekend Kyle and I had a “Valentine’s Weekend” sort of getaway. We drove about 2.5 hours to Jackson, CA and stayed there, and in the morning we traveled to Kirkwood. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was about 45 and sunny, and actually got a little hot while skiing! I wouldn’t say I’m going to be in the Olympics someday soon, but for my first skiing experience I wasn’t half bad! Once I finally got the hang of it, and got used to being confined in those tight boots and skis, I did pretty well and didn’t have too many falls.

Lucky for me, I had a very patient instructor (Kyle… ) who helped me tremendously, even after I hurled numerous curse words in frustration at him. I just hate the feeling of being trapped or stuck, and I definitely don’t like not being good at something!!

The weekend was pretty much perfect, besides one little mishap… We left our hotel with about 1/4 a tank of gas, so no biggie, we can def make it up the mountain.. wrong

Yep, that is absolutely zerooooo gas. So zero that the car broke down while we were leaving! So I stayed with the car, while Kyle walked about 1.5 miles to a gas station and back. The gas station was a one pump place, with no gas tanks, so about 45 minutes later I saw this poor fella walking back empty handed.

Did we go to Wake Forest? hmmmm…

Anywho, long story short.. Some tow truck, who denied Kyle service initially, felt bad enough for us and came back to the rescue and we survived. After our stressful gas ordeal, Kyle made a special stop by the store to ease our pains for the night and celebrate V-day a few nights early…

Doesn’t get much better than that :)

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Just testing something out real quick.

And don’t worry, our friend Adam is coming to visit this weekend :) and he and Kyle are going to a concert tomorrow night. That means I should have no excuses to not upload lots of pictures!!!

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while1 I’ve had a lot of things to post about, including why I proclaim last weekend as one of the best weekends Kyle and I have had so far, but I guess I’m just lazy :) uploading pictures is suchhh a hassle. Anywho, we are about to literally walk out the door right now to head to South Lake Tahoe (specifically Kirkwood) for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding! (me skiing, kyle snowboarding) I have never been! Hard to believe right? Well I am extremely excited and the camera is packed, so be prepared for a full update and hopefully no broken bones when we return :) I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!!

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why girls carry big bags

Kyle and I had a pretty big lunch today after church, so we opted out of doing anything for dinner before the Warriors game. I, however, knew that I get ravishingly hungry during those games ( and every other waking moment of the day),  and prices at those games are insane, so I planned ahead. In my large pocketbook was stashed a turkey sandwich, a few wheat thins, and I popped some 100 calorie popcorn and put it in a bag with m&m’s hidden within my scarf. Some may call me cheap, but I just say prepared :) Also, it was quite an adrenaline rush to sneak by the security lady who checked my stuff….

just kidding..

kind of…

At least I know this guy would appreciate my sneakiness


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cookin’ machine

Baha, these old ads are so funny to me. This is certainly not the case for this wife, but it is something I am working on! And I hate to brag and rub it in… but Kyle loves to cook, and he is good at it!! Lucky lucky meeeeee

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mirror mirror..

I promise some day soon I will post picture of our place, but new additions are being made all the time, so I want people to see it finished- although that will be never. At our last place the bedroom was booooring, just a bed and a dresser. No comforter, no wall art, nooo nothin’. So this time around I was hoping to make it more cozy. First, we got a  large mirror to go over the dresser.

This mirror is large, and only $34 bucks from Goodwill! I am very proud of this purchase

Pretty artsy, huh? Really I just wanted to show you the frame, I love the colors in it. I think it looks way nicer than 34 bucks.

I’m off for a run…  walk… who am I kidding. Tomorrow’s Friday!!

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