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Kyle and I met sophomore year, but it wasn’t until the summer before Junior year that we officially met and started hanging out (thanks Mikey!) I’d say our first encounter was an awkward one at church, but i’m glad it happened there. After that we would stay up till all hours of the night just talking, getting to know each other, watching movies (our first being Peter Pan- the original), and watching trashy MTV shows. I quickly knew how much I enjoyed spending my time with Kyle. I’d like to say that “our place” is Elizabeth’s Italian rest, the site of our first date, many after, and even a little engagement celebration.

We both played sports here at Wake Forest (Kyle 2 years of basketball and 4 years of soccer for me), so I always felt like our time together was limited. Luckily we have been able to be together and travel together a lot. This includes going to my home town of Wilson, Chicago, Wheaton- Kyle’s hometown, Santa Barbara and soon we will be taking a long awaited trip to Hawaii!! We know this adventuresome and exciting life will continue for us in our life together. Our newest adventure is that Kyle has just landed a job in Sunnyvale, CA! I am so proud and happy for him, he has worked extremely hard for what he has achieved. He actually heads out there April 12th (so soon) and I will stay at home until the wedding in October. Then it is time to find a job for me! (Let me know if you have any connections!!)

Initially, I was a little (very) hesitant to think about going all the way to California. However, one day I came across a quote in a magazine and took it as a sign. It comes from the movie Meet Me in Saint Louis and it said:

We can be happy anywhere, as long as we’re together

The quote just drew my attention and I knew it was true for us as well. We may be going somewhere 2700 miles away from what has been home for me for 22 years, but what better way to start a new life together. We are both excited and know this is a great opportunity, and what better place to begin our journey together than beautiful California!!! We are truly blessed.

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