I am admittedly a snoopy person. I just knew that when Kyle was going to ask me to marry him, I would have an inkling that it was coming. I mean there was no way he could sneak to Wilson to ask my parents or buy a ring without me knowing, right? Not right. Here is the very detailed version of how I was tricked…

So on March 3rd, Kyle returned from a basketball trip to Florida State and asked me that night if I would like to go to Midtown Dessertery for brunch the next morning. We went to brunch on March 4th as if it was any other day. We ate like we always do, with small talk, me nagging Kyle about his job search, and a little more talk about our future together. After brunch we went back to my house to hang out, but when we got there Kyle went back to his car to get something. He came back with a shoe box shaped “present”. Kyle innocently proclaimed that he felt bad for not giving me a Valentine’s Day present and he insisted that I open it up. I honestly thought, “okay this is sweet, it MUST be those Nike shoes I pointed out a few days ago. Yay, I really want these shoes!” I opened the box, ready to thank Kyle for the shoes, but in the box there were 3 smaller presents labeled 1, 2, and 3. I opened up number 1 to find a cell phone with case and cords. Kyle and I had been talking a lot about getting myself a new phone. However, this phone was one Kyle had bought and used before, so in my head I was thinking “Okay Kyle, thanks for activating your phone for me?” I was a little confused so he told me to move to the next, and in my mind I was still clueless as to what lay ahead for me. The 2nd package was opened and inside was a camera. Just like a phone, we had also talked about both of us wanting a new camera. However, this was Kyle’s camera too!! So there I was, sitting there confused and thinking “Gee Kyle, thanks for your phone and your camera…” I think he could tell that I was perplexed so he encouraged me to move on to the next one. The third present I opened was a yearly planner. Let me tell you, I loooove planners and making to-do lists. So on the cover of this planner it said, “Open to today”. I opened up to March 4th to find this…

The to-do list said: ” 1. Open Presents 2. Be surprised 3. Say YES!!! 4. Take pictures 5. Call your friends and family”

Then Kyle took my hand (I sneakily replaced the right hand he initially grabbed with my left hand :) ) and then he said something really sweet. Honestly it was all a blur and I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I know it included, “I’ve been waiting to do this, and you mean the world to me” and of course, “Will you marry me?”. I said YES!!!!!! There were tears and shaking and a few, is this for real’s? It was such an amazing moment! I was just pacing around calling people all afternoon and was literally the happiest girl in the entire world! (still am!)

After the initial shock and yes and questions and tears my thought went straight to, did you ask my parents?? When did you get the ring? Apparently Kyle had snuck off to Wilson the Friday before, and in a bed of lies from Kyle and my family and Kyle’s roommate, I remained completely oblivious that he was 2 hours away for an entire afternoon and evening. I was under the assumption that he was at basketball practice and then dinner with his roommates! Also, he said I almost found the ring one time when getting something out of his closet. So after that, Lee graciously kept the ring in his closet!

The ring is beautiful and I cannot imagine anything more perfect for myself, I am absolutely in loveee with it! We are sooo happy and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!!!!

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