Happy Birthday to my Mama!

Happy 39th Birthday to my Mama!!!! Okay, so it’s not really 39, but who’s counting… I have to admit, way back when I was a moody little girl, I didn’t realize how amazing my mom is and that all the advice she gave me is stuff I will keep forever. I’m glad I got over thinking that she was out to ruin my life, because now my mom is one of my very best friends. I love and miss her very very much!


Doubt she will have as much fun this weekend as she had here…..

Man oh man I love that photo. I do know she gets to spend the weekend with her perfect little grandbaby, Jackson, so I am sure she will have a good one. Happy birthday (and mother’s day!) to my wonderful mama! Love you lots Kat Kat!!!!


We are headed out of town to go down to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Kyle’s brother, Trent, is graduating from college! I will update later with pics from the weekend and of our little grad :)

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