hey, remember me?

Let’s skip all the blah blah excuses of why I haven’t blogged in over 2 months! Mainly stems down to laziness on my part. I keep thinking of stuff I should post (mmhmm Natalie’s visit overrrr a month ago!), and then feel behind so don’t blog. So I’m going to try to get on at least a weekly update for those of you out there who still care!

Not too much new stuff is going on here. Within the next few weeks, however, things are really going to pick up! More details on that as it happens. I am coming to like Cali much muchhh more and Kyle and I are having a great time exploring. Someday soon I will update with pictures of our apartment, which is coming along nicely. We are both much happier in the new place (we moved in here in Jan).

As of late, weekends have been quite relaxing. Kyle watched Tron twice last weekend… Also we were supposed to bring snacks to small group on Tuesday night (a small group post is needed soon too! ATTENTION: we now have friends :) ) So of course we had to make the amazing famous Fowler chocolate chip cookies. Then I got into Easter/Spring spirit and we set up a decorating table for some sugar cookies. Forgive these cell phone pics:

Kyle’s little piggy, my personal favorite!!

Also attempted an Easter/Spring pom pom wreath!

So, thanks for still checking in on the blog, and I promise to be back soon! Someone hold me to that!!!!


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