mirror mirror..

I promise some day soon I will post picture of our place, but new additions are being made all the time, so I want people to see it finished- although that will be never. At our last place the bedroom was booooring, just a bed and a dresser. No comforter, no wall art, nooo nothin’. So this time around I was hoping to make it more cozy. First, we got a ¬†large mirror to go over the dresser.

This mirror is large, and only $34 bucks from Goodwill! I am very proud of this purchase

Pretty artsy, huh? Really I just wanted to show you the frame, I love the colors in it. I think it looks way nicer than 34 bucks.

I’m off for a run… ¬†walk… who am I kidding. Tomorrow’s Friday!!

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One Response to mirror mirror..

  1. Bess says:

    That mirror is gorg!!! Great purchase. Enjoy your run/walk…I wish I was tagging along! Wah!!