biting the bullet

On Saturday, Kyle and I were on a walk around the neighborhood while we discussed that we should probably wait another few weeks/months before making any more big purchases like furniture and the like. Okay, I can handle that..

Well yesterday, I received this..

“I think we need to just bite the bullet and get a tv, what u think?”

I’m not really sure if it mattered what I thought, because by 9pm last night, this was in our living room:

I’m glad he lasted so long with that decision we made on Saturday. But don’t think I’m complaining; I know that because of this tv, tonight’s American Idol singers will be better, Modern Family will be funnier, and Wake basketball… well who am i kidding, WFU will still be bad no matter how big and nice that tv gets ;)

P.S. Don’t worry, the basketball has come down from the shelf above the tv, Kyle would never risk that!!

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One Response to biting the bullet

  1. Bess says:

    Hi, update your blog please, I want to read about your life. I miss youuuu lots.