getttin’ trendy

Well the free internet we have been miraculously getting the last week disappeared on Monday night.. Oh the horror! Kyle talked with a difficult comcast member who wouldnt just give us our registration number and insisted someone needed to come and install something (they don’t!) Kyle eventually talked her down to a $5 fee, but they aren’t coming until Saturday! Yes, you heard that right, Saturday. So far I have survived a little over a day without it, but I just miss it too much. When I wanted to make dinner last night the recipe was online, so I couldn’t get it, when I had a scam number call with my credit card information we couldn’t look up info online (I learned my lesson, NEVER accept anything over the phone, whoopsie); and did I mention how far behind I am in my blogs?? The internet has just become a necessity in our lives. With that said, I obviously have internet now because I am in a Starbucks! I had today off from work, so I packed up my bookbag, brought a turkey sandwich, and am now surfin and sippin’ on a skinny vanilla latte; my third since Friday… Wait, what? I thought I wasn’t a coffee drinker :)

It is actually pretty fun and relaxing to sit in a coffee shop and people watch, and the free internet is a pretty sweet deal too. How trendy of me..

Tonight Kyle and I are headed to the Warriors/Lakers game, I will be keepin my eye out for Khloe Kardashian ;)

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One Response to getttin’ trendy

  1. Kelly Jones says:

    Khloe called me and said she won’t be there tonight. Haha! JK! So jealous …. Go Lakers!